The Loans Engine is a broker of secured loans and unsecured personal loans.

That means we have a panel of lenders that we search to find loans for our customers – we don’t actually lend ourselves.

We have close relationships with the UKs leading lenders who give us access to their range of loans with rates based on your personal circumstances, including the amount of equity you have (for secured loans) and your previous credit history.

Who we are

The Loans Engine is a trading name belonging to Central Loans Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Norfolk Capital Limited.

Norfolk Capital Limited, owned by Andrew and Sharon Turner, comprises a number of companies providing a broad range of financial products including mortgages, secured loans, guarantor loans, logbook loans and insurance products.

A long history of arranging loans

We’re proud to say that The Loans Engine has helped find a loan for more than 111,908 customers over the past 28 years – that’s loans worth more than £2 billion in total. What’s more, many of our customers have come back to us for further loans, which we believe speaks for itself.

Our unique approach

When you apply to us, we use a soft credit search together with our lender acceptance criteria to find loan options that are tailored to your personal circumstances and credit history.

This type of enquiry will leave Search Quotation or “SQ” soft-prints that only you will be able to see on your credit report. Your credit rating will not be affected.

Once we’ve found the best available loan for you, we’ll send the paperwork straight away by post or email. If you have any problems completing the paperwork or providing the documents, we’ll use our considerable experience to help streamline the process.

Throughout the whole process you’ll have a dedicated account manager. If your application hits any stumbling blocks along the way, they’ll work with the lender to resolve challenges; securing your money for you quickly.