Cut your bills today with our top tips

Bills are an unavoidable cost, which can make your monthly spending quite substantial. But, there are methods you can use to reduce these expenses, leaving you with more money to enjoy.

Even more importantly you don’t have to cut back on the activities that you like or excessively monitor your spending each month to achieve this.

Instead, you can look at adjusting simple elements around your household and in your daily life.

1. Change to energy efficient light bulbs

Lights are used in every room of your house, meaning that they contribute significantly to your electrical bills.

It is therefore worth considering the type of light bulbs you use throughout your house to determine whether you could make some savings.

Older light bulbs typically use a larger amount of energy, as they are less efficient, and so they are more likely to cost you more.

Simply shopping around and investing in energy efficient light bulbs could therefore make a big difference to your electric bills.

2. Switch providers

Providers for things such as electricity, broadband and water, can decrease and increase their prices continuously, meaning that your existing supplier may not always have the best deal on the market.

Researching different providers and comparing their costs could therefore help you to lower your bills each month.

Although this may make the process of finding a provider more time-consuming, it’s worth it if it saves you more in the long-run.

3. Reduce the temperature of your washing

reduce temperature of washing

Washing your clothing in higher temperatures can raise the total costs of your electricity, as it uses a larger amount of energy.

Reducing the temperature to around 30 degrees could therefore help you to make savings on your electrical bills each year.

Although this may not always be a substantial amount, it can help you to save more.

4. Unplug electrical devices

Do you leave your electrical devices plugged in, even though you aren’t using them? If you are, then you might be raising your electrical costs unnecessarily.

Although you may not be physically using your device whilst it’s plugged in, it will still be receiving an energy supply, which in turn costs you money.

It’s therefore important to be mindful of the amount of devices you leave plugged in and try to switch them off when you are not using them.

5. Invest in timers

Investing in a power timer can also be a really effective method to reduce electrical costs, as it automatically switches the power off at the time you specified.

As a result of this, if you forgot to switch off any of your devices, you would not be charged as the timer would turn them off for you.

Consequently, you may have to pay less on your electric bills.

6. Use a thermostat

Having a thermostat which is programmed to automatically adjust the temperature within your house can help you to reduce your expenses.

The device could be programmed to reduce the temperature whilst you’re not in. This will decrease the amount of energy you use whilst you’re out of the house and will help to lower your overall expenses.

7. Meal plan

how to cut your everyday bills

Planning your meals in advance will help you when it comes to food shopping, as you will know exactly what you need to get.

This may prevent you from spending more on items that you don’t actually need whilst you’re shopping, which in turn can help you to reduce the amount you spend.

8. Use the correct equipment and appliances

It can be tempting to use a big frying pan to cook a single item, or use your stove over the microwave. But engaging in these acts can actually increase your electric costs.

Getting a big pan to the right temperature uses more energy than a smaller pan, and therefore costs you more.

Similarly, using your stove over the microwave can cost you more, as the stove typically takes longer to heat your food through, meaning that it will use up more energy.

Therefore, using the right appliances and equipment could help you to reduce your costs and cut everyday expenses.


To conclude, if implemented correctly these methods may lower your monthly bills, giving you more money to save or use each month.